Pourquoi Digital Forest ?

More than a company, a purpose

Planter un arbre - Digital Forest by Green Web


Because Internet uses represent nearly 20% of global electricity consumption, and more than 50% of the tools we use are monetize through the marketing of our personal data.

The Internet has become a major societal and ecological issue. This reality cannot be sustainable, it is our responsibility to rethink this over-consumption of data and energy.

Planter un arbre - Digital Forest by Green Web

Our Vision

Digital Forest is a societal and citizen project which aims to participate in the construction of the independent web of tomorrow: ethical and virtuous, local and independent, ecological and sustainable, European and sovereign.

A human-centered approach, respectful of the planet and its inhabitants, for a positive, affable and collaborative society.

Planter un arbre - Digital Forest by Green Web

Our Mission

We support brands, companies and communities in their social, societal and ecological transition thanks to digital solutions of Green Cloud Computing (Green IT) responsible and efficient.

Digital Forest is an “independent” solution designed by Green Web SAS , specialist in digital ecology to reconnect with humans and nature.

Digital forest's Alternative Cloud is based on 3 pillars:

Security is respect for the privacy and integrity of individuals. It is the securing of personal data to guarantee the values of a human-centered societal web.

Local is independence, which is against the American giants. It is the guarantee of the sovereignty of a service linked to the values and regulations that protect European citizens.

Eco-responsible, it is our duty to everyone, now, yesterday and for future generations. Do what is in our power to create a more responsible and sustainable digital alternative. With our partners and customers, we work daily to implement solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology.

Raise awareness today today to create the European digital of tomorrow. Digital is an opportunity to progress, but ecology is a necessity for better progress

Discover the world of Digital Forest

Low-consumption servers cooled by “natural cooling”

A Green Data Center powered by 100% hydroelectric renewable energy

A backup system in Co-Green-Hosting (decentralized Green hosting)

Offers that adapt to your consumption to avoid "storage waste"

Customer service in France with personalized support

Technologies optimized to the maximum for more performance

Maximum security thanks to our certified infrastructures

An ethical and ecological DNA at the heart of our commitment