Nos technologies

High-performance servers

Configured to reduce energy consumption

An approach to remove unnecessary overhead
from the energy envelope of our infrastructure.

Our servers are configured to reduce their energy consumption while maintaining a high level of performance.

Less power-hungry processors

We have selected "low voltage" processors, they have the particularity of using 40% less energy at full power, their electrical consumption and the heat dissipated are therefore much lower, for a guaranteed level of performance!

Intelligent reduction of energy consumption

Several technologies are used in order to efficiently manage the necessary energy. These are intelligent systems, carefully configured, allowing to put certain internal components in a state of inactivity, thus reducing overall energy consumption. This intelligent management has no visible impact on the performance of our infrastructures.

Power supplies with efficient performance

As a guarantee of quality and longevity, our servers use 80+ Titanium certified power supplies, they aim to improve performance: this means that the servers will consume less energy at the same load, allowing a consequent reduction in energy consumption.

Our infrastructure is 100% fiber

All the equipment in our infrastructure is connected by optical fibers, guaranteeing ultra-efficient transfer speeds.

Datacenter TIER III+

ISO27001 certified, HDS and 100% sovereign

Innovative technologies for high energy efficiency

High-level technical performance with
a controlled impact on the environment.


The Datacenter is built around a TIER III infrastructure + which means that we are committed to the availability of 99.98%.

Since its creation in 2011, the availability rate observed is 100%.

Natural Cooling

The air conditioning of the computer rooms is carried out by cooling with water from the ground water table using a "natural cooling" process.

"Natural cooling" consists of directly using the coolness of the groundwater whose temperature remains unchanged all year round (13/14°C) to cool the equipment.

A redundant system allows underground water to circulate to a heat exchanger inside the building which has excellent insulation and thermal inertia.

This installation greatly reduces the consumption of energy from the Datacenter.

The site also has a backup system based on chillers located outside the Datacenter and ultimate backup based on the city water circuit.


The Datacenter is powered by electricity produced from the hydroelectric power stations of the GEG group (Gaz Electricité de Grenoble) The building is also equipped with photovoltaic solar panels with a power of 75 kW peak

The Datacenter respects the "Code of Conduct" program of the European community, which helps Datacenter operators to follow and improve their energy performance and holds the "GreenEthiquette" label which assesses the eco-responsibility of a hosted service provider and drives the continuous improvement of the systems made available to its customers.

The Datacenter respects the latest environmental specifications from ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) :
Measurement of the energy efficiency of a data center. The target PUE of our Datacenter is less than 1, 30 (currently stable around 1.24).

Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) :
Measurement of the carbon footprint of a data processing center. The CUE of our Datacenter Mangin is -12, 69 because it only uses green electricity.

The amount of carbon generated by our fuel consumption for the generator is lower than our solar electricity production


The Datacenter enclosure is closed, under alarm and under 24/7 video surveillance.

Inside this secure enclosure, the windows are fitted with bars and all the interior and exterior doors are armored.

The entrance to the Datacenter is unique and is done through an airlock system The outer enclosure is fenced and lit. The walls of the building have a thickness of 2m / 2m50 of reinforced concrete.

Fire protection

The fire detection system complies with APSAD rules R7 and R13. It uses technology suction air analysis with double confirmation, with active smoke extraction systems.Fire extinguishing is by gas, 50% nitrogen, 50% argon.