Ethical and societal charter Digital Forest

Digital Forest is committed to the production of an alternative societal web. We are committed to doing our best to improve the impact of digital on man and the planet, particularly on the intellectual, societal and environmental aspects.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

  • Digital Forest is committed to ensuring that each employee or partner of the company complies with French laws and regulations. Everyone makes sure to know the provisions concerning their activity.

  • Respect for people

  • We are also committed to respecting the laws aimed at protecting the company's direct (customers/suppliers) or indirect partners. We ensure that each of these laws is respected by verifying the practices of our suppliers so that they respect our commitments with regard to respect for people. If necessary, we would be obliged to take adjustment measures or to cease all collaboration with it.

  • Data Security

  • Digital Forest, based in France, respects the security of all your personal data. All data transferred between users and Digital Forest is encrypted, using an encryption algorithm to scramble the data in transit, preventing hackers from reading it as it is sent.

    Our infrastructure has a DDoS mitigation mechanism, consisting of suppressing or reducing the impact of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in order to allow the attacked services to remain available.

    The Datacenter enclosure is closed, under alarm and under 24/7 video surveillance. Inside this secure enclosure, the windows are fitted with bars and all the interior and exterior doors are armored. The Datacenter is PCI-DSS certified.

    The entrance to the Datacenter is unique, is done through an airlock system and controlled by badge and personal access code.

    The outer enclosure is fenced and lit. The walls of the building have a thickness of 2m / 2m50 of reinforced concrete.

  • Data Privacy

  • Our team applies all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of your information. No right of inspection is authorized on information which may concern all types of subjects such as strategic, financial or social data.

  • Committing to sovereignty

  • We are campaigning for a European web. We comply with French GDPR data protection laws. We advocate a local web that respects the integrity of individuals.

  • Fair competition

  • Digital Forest is committed to strictly respecting the rules of competition in all the countries where it is present. We also consider that the lower the number of competitors, the greater the risks and that it is in its interest to work in markets with genuine and healthy competition. Sharing non-public information such as our pricing policies or our market shares with competitors constitutes a distortion of competition.

  • Communication and information

  • Our company is committed to respecting the information contained in our documents. We are convinced to disseminate and communicate only information whose data are proven in order to respect our values and our vision.

    In addition, our values lead us to practice responsible communication. We aim to be completely transparent about the services we offer as well as the relationship we have with our partners. All of our communication is concerned in order to avoid “greenwashing”. Moreover, we use alternatives to GAFAM, do not use advertising other than that which is natural and favor partnerships in France.

  • Commitment to society

  • Digital Forest's social responsibility represents our environmental and social commitments. Our team respects a daily charter clearly defining the attitudes to adopt in order to best respect our stakeholders. We are convinced that a positive world requires a more aware, more motivated and proactive society. We believe that virtue should be provided by corporate commitments.

  • Environmental commitment

  • Digital Forest has grown since its inception as a responsible company. Our activity has developed with respect for the planet in order to create the digital of tomorrow: responsible, ethical and social. A digital at the service of people and society often opposed to the logic of GAFA. Our local presence has enabled us to develop solutions in line with sustainable development.

    To find out more: Consult our environmental charter