Charter of environmental commitments of Digital Forest

COMMITMENT 01: Use 100% energy from renewable sources.

Our main data center and our decentralized storage centers are all powered by 100% renewable energy, from hydroelectric dams located in the French Alps.

It respects the "Code of Conduct" program: Providing assistance to Data Center operators aiming to monitor and improve their energy performance and we hold the Greenethiquette label , which assesses the eco-responsibility of a hosted service provider and drives the continuous improvement of the systems made available to its customers

Our Datacenter complies with the latest environmental specifications

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).

Our data center produces renewable energy thanks to its fairing of photovoltaic panels: This energy produced is greater than that consumed by the data center to enable it to function. This feature allows us to display a negative CUE (Carbon Usage effectiveness) of -12.69: i.e. a negative carbon balance in the use of the infrastructure. (Please note this calculation does not take into account the manufacture of solar panels)

COMMITMENT 02: Promote digital sobriety at all levels

We use low-power servers: They have been optimized to reduce their energy consumption by 70% compared to their standard equivalents with the same storage specifications and bandwidth management.

Our servers can operate at higher temperaturesthan most servers without reducing their performance, to limit the use of energy-intensive cooling systems.

Our main data center has a PUE <1.25. : We would like to point out that the results of PUE can be very different depending on the method of calculation (cf: What does PUE really represent?.)

The air conditioning of the computer rooms is achieved by cooling with water from the groundwater using the "natural cooling" process. This technique consists in directly using the coolness of the groundwater whose temperature remains unchanged all year round (13°C) to cool the equipment. This installation greatly reduces the energy consumption of the Datacenter.

Our main data center is located in France, in the Rhones-Alpes region. Beyond offering storage in France according to French and European regulations, this proximity limits losses.

COMMITMENT 03: Provide our customers with an offer tailored to their needs

Limiting the use of emails: We campaign to limit the misuse of emails and encourage our employees and partners to delete those that remain useless.

Eco-design as much as possible: As soon as we can, we undertake an eco-design approach, both for software and hardware.

Compress files, content: Compressing files, images and videos allows a drastic reduction of data and optimizes the performance of the digital media that display them .

Use more responsible search engines: We promote the use of independent and ethical search engines such as ecosia or Lilo.

Use low-power display modes: Beyond the beneficial effect on health, we propose and advocate for low-power interfaces such as the dark-mode which saves the energy of terminals such as computers or smartphones. Winnings can reach 30%.

We encourage the use of SD video display quality (standard definition): 16 times less CO2eq emissions than 4K.

COMMITMENT 04: Comply with the most advanced standards and beyond

Our infrastructures comply with the most advanced current standards in terms of energy management and respect for the environment. Our values ​​lead us to position ourselves well beyond these.

COMMITMENT 05: Extend the life of infrastructure and servers

As soon as possible, we recycle our devices and components, and recondition our servers to keep them as long as possible, in order to reduce the energy needs associated with their production.

COMMITMENT 06: Propose offers that adapt to customer needs

All our offers are scalable in order to adapt to the needs of our customers. Adapting to their actual consumption makes it possible to avoid supplying empty data storage disks.

COMMITMENT 07: Contribute to positive societal initiatives

Digital Forest is committed to societal projects with positive impacts in France and abroad through its partners, whose missions it finances or provides resources to meet the needs of those involved. ci.

COMMITMENT 08: Contribute to the climate to the extent of our emissions

Digital forest is engaged in reforestation programs whose climate gains correspond to 100% of the environmental impact linked to our activity as a whole. Please note, we take this opportunity to remind you that “carbon offsetting” is an abuse of language. It is not possible to compensate for an eqCO2 impact at the moment T, with solutions which will have a real impact in the more or less near future.

COMMITMENT 09: Encourage our customers to adopt responsible digital practices

We provide our customers with a charter of best practices as well as a set of tools and information that encourage a more sober and reasoned use of digital technology.

COMMITMENT 10: Invite our customers to take action for the climate

We offer our customers a monthly climate contribution (reforestation) commensurate with their carbon footprint.

COMMITMENT 11: Prioritize local purchases

We favor the purchase of the most eco-responsible equipment possible from partners and suppliers with environmental commitments.

COMMITMENT 12: Prioritize recyclable or reconditonable equipment

All our equipment is recycled, refurbished, or directly reconditioned. All of our computer equipment purchases meet exclusive specifications.

COMMITMENT 13: Promote dematerialization

We limit the use of ink and paper in every way. The use of paper and other printing is limited to strict obligations.

COMMITMENT 15: Work towards Zero waste

We minimize waste at all levels to move towards zero waste. For irreducible waste, we sort conscientiously.

COMMITMENT 14: Prioritize soft mobility

We prefer videoconferences rather than physical travel.

We limit our journeys by all means: Our teams, excluding data center operator technicians, work for the most part from home 3 to 4 days a week . (100% during covid period)

We encourage our employees to use the most carbon-free transport: in particular via public transport (mainly the train) and the use of soft mobility such as cycling, the skateboard or the electric scooter.

COMMITMENT 16: Promote digital ecology

Eco-responsible in our DNA, we implement actions to promote digital (and global) ecology through our blog, our conferences, our workshops and participation in all kinds of manifestations.

COMMITMENT 17: Train our partners in best practices of eco-digitalization

We distribute to all our partners a guide to best practices in eco-digitalization in order to raise their awareness and invite them to adopt gestures and reflexes of use that make it possible to concretely reduce their environmental impact .

COMMITMENT 18: Opt for responsible communication

All our communication actions are subject to an environmental impact study.

We categorically prohibit the use of terminology that is vague and deflects from the true value of the services we offer. We do not use mass or depersonalized advertising.

We favor communication based almost exclusively on long-term relationships, partnerships and recommendations.

COMMITMENT 19: Consume sustainable food

Because in France a large part of our climate debt comes from our food, we have prescribed the financing of excessive carbon footprint food. We thus promote a more plant-based, local diet.

COMMITMENT 20: Partner with partners who share our values

We want to share common ecological and ethical values ​​with all of our partners because we sincerely believe that they are the foundation of a real long-term relationship. Because ultimately, the long term is the heart of our ecological commitment.