Digital Forest campaigns for the reasoned use of data and for the respect of privacy online.

We collect the minimum information required to ensure the operation of our services while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your personal data.


Data security, confidentiality and privacy are at the heart of our concerns.


A neutral and independent service with infrastructures located and managed in France by our teams.


More economical technologies, without air conditioning, powered 100% by hydroelectric renewable energies.

What personal information
is kept by Digital Forest?

0 cookies analytics!

Digital Forest uses a cookie-less, privacy-friendly alternative* to Google Analytics.
*Fully compliant
with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. 45x lighter script!

Minimal data

Last name, first name, address, email, telephone, in order to ensure billing, domain name registration and to guarantee personalized support.

Payment information

We store your banking information in order to make your monthly automatic payments, this data is secure and only intended for minimum use. An order gives rise to an invoice, associated with your customer account.

Customer support

Because we want to bring you the best possible experience, we keep our exchanges (support tickets throughout the period you are a customer) in order to guarantee a more effective customer follow-up.

Digital Forest and the protection of your personal data

In its role as host, Digital Forest undertakes to comply with the regulations in force on the management and protection of personal data in force in France and Europe (RGPD). You are also concerned when you use our services to store personal data relating to your services and activities, hosted at Digital Forest.

Digital Forest commits to:

Never share your personal data with third parties without a valid reason, whether for advertising purposes or through the Analytics services of Google or other GAFAM .

To secure your data and ensure its transparent use, we only use your personal information for the purposes described here.

Ensure that physical and software security measures are verified to prevent access to the infrastructures on which your data is activated by people not allowed.

Store your data exclusively on servers based in France and ensure maintenance by our teams, exclude the transfer of data to other structures controlled by the GAFAM.

Be reactive in security updates, and notify you as soon as possible in the event of a breach of your data.

*You can also consult our environmental charter

The DPO (Data Protection Officer)
of Digital Forest

His role is to internally ensure the compliance of Digital Forest's activities in terms of data processing. He has the access and resources necessary to exercise his role without conflicts of interest in respecting its obligations and good practices in the protection of personal data.

Policy for the use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file deposited by the servers of the websites consulted or by third-party servers, in a dedicated space on the hard disk of your terminal ( computer, tablet, mobile phone), when viewing online content or advertising. It records information about your internet browsing.

This allows advertisers to track your facts and gestures on the internet and identify you more easily in order to deliver you the advertising or content of their choice.

Digital Forest does not use ANY tracking cookies, except those necessary access to your customer area.

Distinction between
our regulations and yours

It is important to distinguish our obligations from yours:

By using our services, you are responsible for the security of the data, processing and systems or applications you use.
According to the use you make of our hosting services, for example the exploitation and/or processing of personal data for your visitors or customers, you must inform them and comply with the recommendations in force.

Visit the site of the CNIL/RGPD for more information